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NeoEE Update

Get the NeoEE update right here (November 2016 release):

(multilingual, from Windows 7 SP1 to Windows 11) Release Notes (Empire Earth Classic)

Changes within the latest version are emphasized in text.
  • Game:
    • New resource options have been added: "Unlimited" and "None".
    • New game variants "Hyperactive", "Hybrid" and "Extreme" have been added.
    • Maps from Omega patch are now officially supported.
    • A bug of EE that allowed players to crash the EEC and AOC process of each other player in a multiplayer session got fixed (Gate crash).
    • The lobby now creates a notification whenever a whisper message got received, also when tabbed out.
    • New languages are now supported (especially in AOC), e.g. Portuguese.
    • The main menu and lobby are now displayed in the user's default resolution.
  • A new CDKey system has been established.
  • Multiplayer:
    • A new more instructive UI is now shown during initialization instead of just a freezing interface. Furthermore, it should not infinitely freeze any longer in case there appears an error.
    • HostPingRIP.txt has been removed/replaced by NeoEE.cfg. Due to auto portforward-detection, changing any additional options when forwarding game ports shouldn't be necessary any more.
    • An UPnP port forwarding implementation got added (for all compatible routers/modems that support it).
    • In some cases, the host/game captain can now be transferred even if he has to rely on RIP hosting.
    • AOC now supports RIP hosting.